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Brisa Gonzaga Portuguese and English speaker offers therapy hypnotherapy hypnosis reiki and meditation to guide you through your healing process. This happens by frawing on elements from psychology, clinical hypnotherapy hypnosis, reiki, meditation, and creative visualization theniciques, among others. Brisa Gonzaga Portuguese and English speaker offers therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki and meditation sessions online. Brisa Gonzaga Portuguese and English speaker sutdied parapsychology, a therapy that will guide you through clinical hypnotherapy hypnosis, reiki, meditation and more. Contact Brisa Gonzaga Portuguese and English speaker therapist and hypnotherapist.

Brisa Gonzaga

Therapist - Hypnotherapist 

Numerous scientific studies confirm hypnotherapy's effectiveness. This unique method utilizes hypnosis as a vital tool in healing, extending beyond hypnosis to embrace the entire therapeutic process.

Your specific concerns, whether it's anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or any other issue or emotion that's limiting you, will be addressed while serve as the gateway to a profound journey of self-discovery.


As we address your specific issue, we delve deeper into your emotions through hypnotherapy, facilitating lasting changes for a more fulfilling life.



I'm a Clinical Therapist - Hypnotherapist, originally from Brazil, and I lived in London and Ireland before settling in the USA nearly a decade ago.

Areas of Expertise

Clinical Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family Systemic Analysis

Mission, Vision & Values

Values Statement: Empowerment, Transformation, Healing, Authenticity, and Balance.


"I have noticed a very positive change in my daughter, who has been dealing with many challenges caused by significant social anxiety for a few years. She has always been a happy, cheerful, smiling, and carefree child, but everything changed when she turned 10. She became a child afraid to live, hiding within herself. With this behavior, we witnessed her developing anxiety attacks, and depression, and turning into a completely different girl.

In the last four months, since she started therapy with Brisa, I have noticed a positive change in her behavior. She now interacts with people more lightly and less fearfully. The anxiety attacks have significantly decreased, and she is more talkative and happy. She is more hopeful and responsible with her obligations. I believe that the sessions with Brisa have been very helpful. My mother's heart feels lighter. I highly recommend Brisa's work!"

Cristina Z, USA

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